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For this project I produced the UX & UI design for a flight app with UX microcopy for a flight cancellation. Remotely moderated Usability testing and A/B testing (using the think-aloud process) was conducted on a small sample of participants using a Figma prototype and screensharing software.

flightdeck flatlay.jpg


UI design and UX microcopy for user onboarding (or new user experience) and a series of error message processes.

UX Work: Work


I was part of a team tasked with designing a product for the BBC Research & Development department. We were asked to conduct user research/ user testing and create a product prototype in response to our data. We approached the brief from psychology and human-centred design perspectives, using research in Ethical Design, Positive Technology and HCI to understand the needs of our target demographic (16 - 24 year olds). The result was a concept and lo-fi prototype for an AR product called Agora, enabling users to 'explore, create and collaborate' with their environment.

We used the 5 stage Design Thinking process to structure our project; Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test. This included focus groups and card sorting activities; Developing concise problem statements; Ideation techniques - Worst Possible Ideas, Brainwalks, Braindumps and Persona creation; Product specific research into VR and AR; Wireframing, Prototyping and A/B testing. We also used social psychology theory and concepts based on the Hedonic / Eudaimonic to inform our decision making during the feature development phase. 

Using my background in both design and traditional copy/content writing, I produced the lo-fi design for the prototype. This includes the lo-fi and hi-fi microcopy for user prompts and notifications. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the project so it is unfinished.

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