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The brief for this project was to create a cancellation journey for users of a flight booking app.

By conducting competitor research I identified potential pain points for users: clarity of 'next steps' instruction, refund process, apology tone, compensation and retention. I conducted a guerilla survey, (using screenshots as prompts) asking users to identify areas or language they found inefficient. I then created a series of personas to represent typical users during the design process. The personas were created to represent the demographic variation in flight app users (lower to upper middle working age).

In response to the research I produced the UX & UI design, with UX microcopy for a flight cancellation process. The prototype was produced using Adobe Photoshop & Figma. Remotely moderated Usability Testing and A/B testing (using a think-aloud process) was conducted on a small sample of participants using a Figma prototype and screensharing software.

The design was produced to appeal to users of multiple ages and abilities. The product is for a transport service, so the information needed to be clear and instructive for navigational labels, feature names, menu items, success/error messages, notifications and settings. The app needed simple English for potential ESOL users, so conversational tone and colloquialisms were minimized.

The colour scheme was designed to project calmness and trustworthiness, values often associated with blue and white (and values often needed during time spent in an airport!). The colour scheme was also chosen for accessibility purposes - pale, non-white backgrounds and blue fonts are more suited for visually impaired or dyslexic users.  

While heuristics were in mind during the design process there is room for improvement. If I were to further develop the prototype I would include some changes reflecting the Neilsen Heuristic evaluation (status visibility demonstrated with a progress bar, including help messages and documentation). 

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